INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Interesting Facts About Freight Brokers

  Freight brokers have a huge responsibility to make sure all the needs in US for the goods delivery are up to date. Incredibly important role requires a lot of hard work on a daily base. Average person working in the freight broker company makes 200 phone calls a day. LEARN 12 SECRET STEPS HOW […]

Learn 10 Things About Fleet Management 2.0

Fleet Management, in real life, is the term most of the companies use in their own way and many people depending on the position they hold use it for different purposes. Truth is that fleet management can mean a few different things and can cover multiple areas of fleet operations ┬áToday, I am going to […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Ultimate Safety Trips for Truck Drivers

Truck driving job is one of the most dangerous jobs that can exist. It requires constant focus and abilty to adapt to new situations. Incredibly important role requires a lot of safety procedures on a daily base. Average over the road truck driver drives around 600 miles a day. LEARN 12 SECRET STEPS HOW TO […]

Learn how Fuel Purchase Routing can save $250 monthly/vehicle

All around the country, if you ask fleet managers or company owners what is the single biggest company expense – they will ┬átell you fuel. On average, transportation companies spend 25% or more on fuel purchases. When I say fuel, it can mean both gas and diesel. A 1% reduction in fuel costs can result […]

5 Ways How Driver Seat Belt Detection Can Help in Fleet Management

  Driver seat belt usage is continuously increasing over the last few decades but despite constant vehicle alerts we are still not at the 100% usage level. National statistics (according to the NHTSA) are showing that 90.1% of people are using them. Simply the best and safest choice has always been to buckle up. They […]