Puritalia To Debut 965 hp Hybrid Berlinetta in Geneva

A 965 hp Return to the Spotlight The Italian automaker Puritalia made a splash with itsĀ 427 roadster a while back, and now it has a new car. TheĀ Berlinetta is coming to the Geneva Motor Show should put the automaker back in the spotlight for at least a short period of time. Why? Because it’ll make […]

2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Limited Quick Spin Test Drive & Review

Hybrid vehicles have been a bridge to what is to come in the future when we have somewhat of an inevitable electric-powered utopia of automobiles. Until then, whenever that may be, vehicles like the latest Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid are here to fill the gaps and deliver on an exceptionally economic vehicle that cleverly manages a […]